Consider after I used to weblog about jewellery? The ones had been the times! I used to create new designs at the common too. This is proof: The wax type of an arrowhead ring I by no means made.

Wax type for double-arrowhead ring.

This ring would had been a part of my mini-collection of arrowhead designs, all forged from an arrowhead present in my yard when I used to be a child. The gathering incorporated stud, hold, and threader earrings …

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… all of which glance great doubled up.

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The arrowhead hold rings …

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… are stackable.

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The arrowhead necklaces …

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… neatly, let’s simply say that they are a crowd pleaser.

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There have been a number of causes I did not whole this ring proper when I made the wax type, together with customized orders taking precedence.

The wax type, noticed from above.

Sooner or later I made up our minds I had sufficient alternatives within the arrowhead series already, and did not want to upload any.

Every other view of the wax type.

Nonetheless, after I got here throughout this wax whilst doing a little spring cleansing this week, I could not undergo to phase with it sooner than sharing it at the weblog. So right here it’s! The gold and platinum arrowhead designs that become fact are all to be had on 1stdibs, and I’m going to put them on sale in your buying groceries excitement. I best have one left of each and every taste, so in the event you love them, grasp ’em!