Lynn Yeager — an established New York taste icon — has joined Instagram, and I am overjoyed. Promote Instagram Face elsewhere, we are all stocked up with Yeager right here!


The primary time I wrote about Lynn was once on August 13, 2007, when this weblog was once handiest 3 weeks outdated. My admiration of her unique style has handiest grown since then, so I used to be excited when my famous person hair stylist buddy Julie Matos encountered Lynn on a just about abandoned side road again within the post-lockdown, pre-mask days of March. With “pics or it did not occur” in thoughts, Julie asked a pose.

Lynn Yeager, noticed in the street.

The again of this outfit is sort of extra interesting than the entrance. Lynn Yeager is the queen of layering.

I stan a layering queen.

Now New York get-up calls for a masks to lend a hand stay others secure, I’m hoping any individual has made one for Lynn along with her signature lipstick glance painstakingly embroidered at the entrance. Lynn’s lips will have to persist!